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Community Control of Police & Stopping Intra-Community Violence

Description: The ideas "Black on Black crime" and "Black on Black violence" are meant to spread ideas of Black inferiority, increase divisions within the community, justify hyper-policing and imposing a constant state of martial law. By never hearing in the media of "white on white crime" and never hearing such terms used for any other people besides Black people suggests that Black people are especially unable to behave sensibly as a people and supports state sponsored stereotypes of our youth as "super predators."

Rejecting these ideas is not to deny that Black/African communities do face serious issues of violence and low level criminal activity. Instead it is to choose to address the root causes for our conditions and get to real solutions that can put an end to them. This interactive popular education workshop will show how Community Control Over Police has to be included with other creative solutions to the violence and crime in our community caused by the country's deepening economic and social crisis.

Presenter: Netfa Freeman, Organizer, Pan-African Community Action (PACA)

Location: Room 203, Ward Circle Building