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Vicious Circle: Children, Gun Violence and Trauma

Description: How are children adversely impacted by direct and indirect exposure to gun violence? Would reducing direct and secondary exposure to gun violence lead to less gun violence in the long term? This workshop looks at gun violence’s direct effect on children living in highly impacted environments. It will also consider how gun violence generates toxic stress and hinders development in all children growing up in an armed and violent society, where they regularly experience school lock downs, are exposed to news headlines about school shootings and other gun violence, and are exposed to violent video games, movies, and ads.

Gloria Pan (Moderator), National Campaign Director, Gun Safety and Rapid Response,;
Andy Pelosi, Executive Director, Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus;
Dr. Jeff Hutchinson, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer for the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine;
Selvi Chellaiah, Mental Health Associate, The Children's Center at John's Hopkins Bayview.

Location: Room 2, Ward Circle Building