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Part I: Police Militarization & Military Policing - Political Education

Description: How do the U.S. police increasingly look like a military? How does the U.S. military take on a policing role abroad? Through an examination of connections between the “war on drugs” and the “war on terror,” we will explain what “militarization” means for targeted communities in concrete terms. Activist facilitators will cover: the impact of increased police militarization on black and brown communities in the U.S., the connection between racist violence at home and racist violence abroad, and the relationship between U.S. police and the Israeli military as an example of these power dynamics.

The activist strategy session following the political development workshop makes space for us to co-create strategies for challenging, dismantling, and re-envisioning the police-military relationship.

David Swanson, Director,
Jamani Montague, Prison Advocacy Coordinator,
Leah Muskin-Pierret, Activist, MENA Region
Miriam Pemberton, Director, Peace Economy Transitions Project, Institute for Policy Studies

Location: Room #203, Ward Circle Building