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Families of homicide victims - The Global Transcedance Model

Description: The Global Transcendence Model was founded in 2010 by Activist and Philanthropist William Patterson as a result of his personnel response to homicides in the DC Metro, with the goal of reducing shootings and homicides in the DC Metro using the Public Health System, methods of Disease Abatement that have been used by Health Organization globally and other organizations to address epidemic problems such as Drug and Alcohol Addiction,  AIDS and other leading causes of death in the world and combining that with Organic Services. The Global Transcendence Model Strategy has nine core activities that work in concert to disrupt the transmission and reduce the prevalence of violence in the community. These activities are to detect and interrupt potential shooting events transmission; identify and change the thinking of persons at highest risk (potential transmitters); and change group and community norms. Additionally, data and monitoring are used to measure and provide constant feedback to the system.

Presenter: William Patterson, CEO of Universal Healthcare Management Services Inc. and Global Transcendence

Location: Room 204, Ward Circle Building