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Advocacy: Connecting People and Government through Storytelling

Description: When it comes to influencing policymaking, quality is better than quantity. While social media makes it easier to engage more people, it also makes it more critical to craft the right message to activate participants and influence lawmakers. What is the goal of the campaign—and how do you tell that story? In this workshop, we will discuss the power of story telling and sharing personal experiences as an advocacy strategy. Using case studies from, a nonpartisan platform, we will explore how individuals, community groups and organizations share real stories with their lawmakers, and not just petition signatures or form letters. The idea is that each of us (as concerned citizens, students, family members or community members) have a story to share about why an issue is important to us, and lawmakers need that information to develop better policies.

Presenter: Rachna Choudhry, Co-founder, POPVOX

Location: Room 204, Ward Circle Building