The face of the Gun Violence Prevention Movement is changing. Different communities experience gun violence in different ways. This summit brings all our communities together to work towards a more inclusive movement. 



To bring together diverse groups and individuals working on various social justice issues to take an intersectional approach to stopping gun violence and strengthening the inclusivity of our work. 



We envision a convening in which all individuals working to stop gun violence in and against their communities can come together to learn from each other, have meaningful dialogue about effective collaboration, build coalitions to work inclusively to promote gun violence prevention, draft a vision that can serve as a basis for inclusive gun violence prevention work and policy, and work to heal our communities from gun violence, both systemic and overt. 

We envision a world: free from police brutality; where the criminal justice system seeks to rehabilitate rather than criminalize; where background checks are necessary requirement for owning a gun; where gun show and background check loopholes are closed; where our oligarchical system of governance is transformed to one of direct democracy; where representatives, as well as corporate investors, are held accountable for allowing the gun lobby to flourish, grow, and manipulate politics; where Black, Native, Latinx, Arab, queer, trans, disabled, and other marginalized communities' lives matter, as reflected in the system of governance and system of justice; where the use of war is re-examined and reparations are given to colonized and oppressed communities; where assault weapons are banned; where the culture of gun obsession in the United States is critically engaged and questioned.

We envision a world where peace is not only possible, but eminent, gun violence prevention, broadly defined, being an integral aspect of this peace.